What’s My Birthstone? Photos and Meanings

What’s My Birthstone? Photos and Meanings

First, what’s a birthstone, and why wear one?

A birthstone corresponds with your birth month and is believed to bring good luck and protect its wearer.

Even if you’re skeptical about the healing and spiritual properties of gemstones, birthstone jewelry is a great way to elevate your style. A striking gemstone ring or necklace can become a true fashion statement. Now, let’s find out what gemstone is best for you.

January Birthstone – Pink Garnet

Garnet colors are diverse, ranging from emerald green to deep dark red. Those born in January get luck and protection from a pink garnet birthstone. Pink garnet meaning is passion, imagination, and strength – it embodies fire and life. A pink garnet stone is particularly beneficial for creatives, including designers, writers, and musicians, as it helps develop artistry.

This natural rose quartz, white zircon, and pink garnet ring from sterling silver with rhodium plating will suit women of all ages and lifestyles. It will foster feminine energy and creativity, helping overcome fears and insecurities.

February Birthstone – Amethyst

Amethyst is among the most popular gemstones due to its marvelous purple color and hardness. Amethyst meaning is intuition, wisdom, and calmness. This purple gemstone brings peace of mind and aid in decision-making. Ancient Greeks believed amethyst prevents intoxication.  

Natural amethyst price may be high, as it’s the rarest gemstone of the quartz family. However, the magnificent color play of this stone is worth it. This amethyst ring with tsavorite garnets by Thai Exclusive is a one-of-a-kind creation that has no alternatives.

March Birthstone – Aquamarine

Aquamarine stone protects those born in March. The aquamarine color palette features all shades of blue, from greenish to pure sky hue. This gemstone symbolizes calmness, peace, and hope. Ancient sailors believed aquamarine could protect them from the storm and ensure a safe passage home. Romans, too, valued the spiritual properties of aquamarine, thinking it could reconcile enemies and make them friends.

Even skeptics won’t deny there’s something magical about the bright sky-blue color of this aquamarine ring with blue sapphires. Created by Thai Exclusive in a single exemplar, this jewelry piece won’t be left unnoticed.

April Birthstone – Diamond

The April birthstone is the most precious of all – the diamond. Since ancient times, diamonds were coveted by royalty and elites. Nowadays, diamonds are considered traditional engagement ring gemstones, symbolizing everlasting love and devotion. Diamond birthstone meaning is a purity of mind, faithfulness, and innocence.

This pair of 585 gold earrings by Kyiv Jewelry Factory features two gorgeous 0,43-carat round-cut diamonds. It’s a versatile piece of jewelry that fits any style and occasion and can be worn daily.

May Birthstone – Emerald

Emerald is one of the four precious stones and a may birthstone. The emerald green color stands for wisdom, foresight, and eloquence. This gemstone is often called The Jewel of Kings due to its rarity and high value. Ancient Egyptians considered emeralds a symbol of fertility and immortality. 

This emerald ring with yellow sapphires is a perfect accessory for warm spring months, mirroring lush colors of blooming florals and warm sun.

June Birthstone – Pearl

Sea pearl is the most feminine stone. It’s perfect for women born in June, balancing karma, calming the mind, and attracting good luck and wealth. Sea pearl meaning is wisdom gained through experience, purity, and loyalty.
Large, perfectly round sea pearls are extremely rare and thus valuable. 

This white pearl necklace with zircons will not only serve as a birthstone talisman but also become a family heritage given from generation to generation. 

July Birthstone – Ruby

What’s the first red gemstone that comes to mind? Ruby, of course. Ruby stone meaning is love and commitment. Early cultures believed this gemstone held the power of life due to its association with blood. Ruby stone color ranges from orange to purple, but true red ruby jewelry is the most valued.

This ruby ring with sapphires combines two precious gemstones in a timeless, elegant design. Cabochon-cut ruby is a modern alternative to round-cut gemstones, giving your look a contemporary, unique touch.

August Birthstone – Peridot

Peridot jewelry draws attention with its lush lime-green color. Interestingly, it’s one of the few gemstones that come in a single shade, so peridot is always easy to recognize. Peridot meaning is prosperity, wealth, and good fortune. Egyptian priests believed peridot bears the power of nature and could heal insomnia, bleeding, and respiratory alignments.

A 4.8-carat Labrador stone is flanked by two dazzling peridots in this unique Sigal ring. A matching Labrador and peridot necklace by Sigal jewelry completes the look.

September Birthstone – Sapphire

The September birthstone is sapphire, the most famous blue gemstone. However, not many know that sapphire colors also include yellow, green, and red. This precious stone represents wisdom, divine favor, and inner strength. Sapphire engagement rings have long symbolized honesty, faithfulness, and sincerity, making solid competition to diamonds.

This star sapphire ring with a blue sapphire halo is a statement jewelry piece that has no doubles. Its deep blue color reduces anxiety and helps make weighed decisions. Most importantly, it brings your look to the next level. 

October Birthstone – Opal

Fire opal hypnotizes with its fiery play of color. Mainly found in Mexico, this semi-precious gemstone features radiant green, orange, yellow, and cherry red colors, unlike the soft pastel hues of a regular opal. Fire opal meaning is passion, love, and success. It helps achieve career goals and regain energy.

As every Thai Exclusive creation, this opal ring with chrome diopsides is one-of-a-kind. The 8.55-carat center fire opal features a cabochon cut that perfectly displays its opalescent properties. Green chrome diopsides and 18k yellow gold highlight warm bursts of opal’s color, giving associations with early autumn nature.

November Birthstone – Topaz and Citrine

London blue topaz is extremely rare, as these gemstones primarily come in white and brown. The striking topaz birthstone brings clarity of feelings, promoting forgiveness and relaxing the spirit. These extraordinary blue topaz earrings with orange and yellow sapphires are a statement piece for Scorpio or Sagittarius who love to stand out.

If blue isn’t your favorite color, consider sunny yellow citrine that symbolizes a healthy mind and prosperity. This Thai Exclusive ring features a brilliant 25.9-carat lemon citrine crystal adorned with red sapphires.

December Birthstone – Turquoise

The turquoise stone is so remarkable is has a color named after it. Turquoise birthstone meaning is serenity, creativity, emotional balance, and loyalty. Although you can easily find an affordable turquoise stone, some turquoise types are exceptionally rare and expensive – for example, Carico Lake or Candelaria turquoise.

This turquoise pendant by Sigal Jewelry is encrusted with blue, clear, and black Swarovski crystals. It’s a stunning addition to your daily look, regardless of the season, weather, or occasion.

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