About us

We are a family-owned jewelry company. Since 1992, we have been privileged to be part of our customers’ most treasured moments. We are honored to help our clients find that special birthday or anniversary gift, to choose those perfect engagement and wedding rings, to choose the ideal cross for christening of the new life. Nothing makes us happier than knowledge that our jewelry brings joy to people’s lives.

The core rule of our company is quality and diversity. We always choose only high-quality natural gemstones and precious metals. Our jewelry is unlike anything that is presented on Baltic market. These products have their own face and are instantly recognized and loved. We present a wide choice of jewelry of various styles and price ranges. Anyone can find something suitable and affordable to their own tase.

Over the years we have found partners all over the world and became their representatives in the Baltic states. We represent KJF since 2002, SIGAL since 2004, Thai Exclusive since 2000.

Kiev Jewelry Factory or KJF upholds the tradition of the 19th century artisan workshops and Jewelry Works of Joseph Marshak, well-known far beyond the territory of Ukraine. The combination of the time-tested techniques of hand crafting and the most updated technologies results in the wonderful gold and silver wares. "Sophistication, Refined Taste and Traditions" is the slogan of the factory, which for almost a century has pleasantly surprised and gratified its customers.

SIGAL is a Canadian brand with its own unique style that is recognized and loved by ladies and gents all over the world. It’s sterling silver jewelry with high-quality semiprecious and precious gemstones, designer enamel and original SWAROVSKI crystals. SIGAL masterfully combines traditional and contemporary jewelry styles and creates, unlike anything, new, modern designs.

Thai Exclusive is one of the oldest family-owned jewelry companies in Thailand. They make exquisite white, grey, black rhodium and gold-plated silver jewelry with various precious and semiprecious gemstones. Each jewelry piece that they create is a unique masterpiece. In 2014, the company received a grant from the Thailand’s Ministry of Culture for the best representation of the country on the global market. Soon after the recognition, they became the official suppliers of the Thai Royal Court. Their jewelry is truly something out of the fairytale.