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Thai Exclusive

Silver Earrings with Australian Opals and Blue Sapphires

Silver Earrings with Australian Opals and Blue Sapphires

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Out of this world magnificent earrings with Australian Opals

Embark on a celestial journey with our white rhodium plated sterling silver earrings, adorned with the cosmic beauty of Australian Opals and the deep allure of Blue Sapphires. These earrings, like stars in the night sky, capture the essence of space with a modern twist. The Australian Opals, resembling distant galaxies with their mesmerizing play of colors, bring an otherworldly charm. Blue Sapphires, akin to the infinite depth of the cosmos, add a touch of cosmic luxury.


Collection: Thai Exclusive.

Material: 925 Sterling silver with white rhodium (hypoallergenic) and 18k yellow gold plating.

Natural gemstones: Australian Opal (Triplet) 2 pcs. - 20.51ct ~(1.35 cm x 2.3 cm) and Blue Sapphires 4 pcs - 0.17ct ~(0.1 cm x 0.1 cm - 0.2 cm x 0.2 cm).

These are the approximate gemstone's sizes.

Earring's dimensions: width-1.62 cm; length-4.3 cm.

Clasp's type: Omega clip

Weight: 12.28 g.

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